Return of The Punisher! Need help on Lean Bulk

  1. Return of The Punisher! Need help on Lean Bulk

    Hey guys, long time no visit! I recently returned after a few month layoff of the internet and weight lifting due to financial and health reasons, none of which bbing had anything to attribute to of course! I have been training for 8 years and have competed in MMA for three of them. Anyway, a lot of you may know that I am no stranger to anabolics so no need for that initial question, so on to my question... I would like for opinions on the most effective lean bulking stack. I have been back to training consistently again for 3 months using no supplements, just eating right and plentiful for the first two months, krealklyn (old staple), whey, multi, and 4 weeks of PES Anabeta which I have always enjoyed. I was planning on Test E 500 mg a week for 10 weeks alongside Masteron E at 300mg alongside the test for the same 10 weeks. However, my friend and gear source, is campaigning for me to run the two with Decca D because he wants me to be even better than I was 6 months ago. He knows my goal is to lean up while adding muscle and increasing vascularity, however I am just uncertain of this combo.
    With that being said, what are the opinions? Decca or no decca? Or would you suggest anything different I would love to use Tren E instead of Decca, however I don't want to add any extra anxiety to what I all ready have.
    As a summary of goal: build muscle/strength, shred up. This is my favorite forum for a reason so thanks in advance!

  2. I can't speak out of experience but I would avoid deca at all costs man. Deca dick is a problem. Masteron is great for a lean bulk.

  3. Thanks man I appreciate it and will keep it in mind. I do have caber on hand though

  4. So Test E at 500mg for 10 weeks stacked alongside Masteron E for 300mg for 10 weeks. I all ready have Nolva and a natty test booster that was given for free from the representative of Cellucore, P6 Extreme, to include in pct. I plan on using a DAA product as well for the first two weeks following my last injection as well as HCG starting week 3 and ending week 8. Any other suggestions for my return to the rodeo?

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