Is my aromasin working?

  1. Is my aromasin working?

    Ok, so I began dosing Exemestane @ 25mg last Saturday to combat some of the bloat (about 8 pounds) I've put on during my test/var cycle. And yet, my weight has not budged since I started on it.

    I started it 2 weeks into the cycle so I know that it probably won't do anything for the test that has already aromatized into estro... am I just being impatient and need to wait for that estro to clear my system before I see my weight drop?

    For what its worth the exemestane is from Research Stop... I had never seen any poor reviews about it, but if it doesn't kick in then I might get some from GWP to compare if the results are any different. If not then I might have to try another AI, but still.

    Anyone have any input on whats going on here?

  2. wait, are you trying to say you gained 8lbs in 2 weeks? thats quite a lot... what have you gained since you added the aromasin?

  3. The 4th week of my cycle began today... and yes, since my very first pin three weeks ago, I am up 8 pounds. All of it is bloat. I didn't change anything in my diet, and it was low in sodium to begin with.

    Adding Aromasin has not changed my weight at all.

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