New Deca/Sust Real Or Fake?

  1. New Deca/Sust Real Or Fake?

    A buddy of mine just came back from Mexico with some Deca and Sust amps. I have never seen anything like them before. They come in preloaded syringes in clear plastic packaging with a foil pull off. Syringes are glass with logo/#/exp date printed on them. Foil has Logos printed also. Syringe Has a rubber stopper on the end. I always see break aways but never preloaded syringes! But my buddy says they were bought at a pharmacy and that this is the new style. Any input?

  2. Redijects are old, they're safe..

    Just change them to another dart, they usually come in syringes with 18g pins, and you don't wanna go there..

  3. Talking

    Thanks I will give em a try.

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