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    My buddy gave me a bottle of X-tren - not a real PH - so im looking for some guidance on what to take with it to support it - I just finished a cycle of a test booster and have taken the over the counter tren before years ago - I only have one bottle and if i just do the 3x per day 1 capsule it will last me a month

    my stats 6' tall 215+- lbs 18%bf -
    1- i know i will be eating like crazy and will pack on some weight - but i want to stay away from adding body fat so should I add a weight gainer to my diet?

    2- I do drink wine and or beer everynight - milk thisle? stop drinking?

    3- still recovering from a elbow tendinitis about 5 months now that it hurts and i have tried it all - its better once I m warmed up and lifting - dont want to hurt it more so bad idea to start now?

    4- libido - test booster at half way trough the cycle?

    5- I have 2 kids and sometimes they are very "challenging" and I diffidently dont want to have any "roid rage" kinda thing - will I experience any?

    any and all suggestions appreciated

  2. 1- no
    2- yes/yes
    3- yes
    4- no
    5- maybe

    It sounds like you need to spend some time reading up on this stuff. And I'm not trying to sound like the typical forum holier than though know it all here, but you sound new to this stuff

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  3. Xtren is a real prohormone, and its banned now, as are all tren related hormones. Be careful taking things you obviously know nothing about. Tren can give you gyno if you dont know what youre doing with it.

  4. what if i only took one per day instead of 3? I have been ready a lot about it and there is so much controversial info - somethings happens for some but not for others - and when I took it 3 yrs ago I had no side effects at all - just added novadex at the end and was fine... however now im just making sure what im getting my self into since im older and not much wiser -

  5. i keep reading more and more about it to make sure im not getting my self into a bad place or with bad side effects - what if I only took one per day for 90 days instead of a full 90mg per day?

  6. 1 instead of 3 what?... caps? haha that would be a waste bud... tren half life is between 6-8 hours, you certanly want steady levels. so take 1 capsule every 6-8 hours.... the PH tren can makle you more aggressive yeah, but this is the price to play so pull the token or take it back... but do not reduce your dose or its gonna be worthless and youll be better taking nothing... by the wayy, watch for the paranoia ! specially if you have wife-girlfriend it can bring problems. tip is to always be calmed and if you want an overall well feeling get some smooth test base DHEA will do you good, get some dermacrine or transaderm or some androdrive (this will also make you feel happier and somewhat more peaceful than running x-tren solo)

  7. so this is not a "real: ph its clone and you can get it on amazon -


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