High Tren, High EQ, low test for cutting

  1. High Tren, High EQ, low test for cutting

    Planning my next cycle.. how does this look? Goal is to cut down to around 8% and stay around the same weight or even add some weight if possible. right now i'm 5'10 237lbs, 14% bodyfat. 31 years old.

    my last cycle was 1000mg test e, 600 tren e, 100 anadrol for 18 weeks (anadrol for 4) PCT finished in January so I've been off for a while.

    here's what I have in mind

    250mg Test E weeks 1-20
    900mg EQ weeks 1-18
    100mg Tren A ED weeks 1-16

    pct will be nolva/clomid

    I've used eq before at 600mg and I never had the increased appetite with it so that's why I'm considering using it for my cut cycle.


  2. I like this cycle alot -- lean , clean gains. Just enough test to keep you normal and nice high dose anabolic like EQ and androgenic tren transforming your body.



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