Albuterol may help to prevent strength loss

  1. Albuterol may help to prevent strength loss

    Temporal strength changes from resistance exercise and albuterol on unloaded muscle

    To assess unloaded knee extensor temporal strength changes, healthy subjects without asthma performed 40 continuous days of unilateral limb suspension, whereby their left leg refrained from normal weight-bearing and ambulatory activity. During the 40-day period, subjects performed resistance exercise (REX) with their unloaded leg on an inertial resistance ergometer and, as part of a double-blind design, consumed the maximal oral therapeutic dosage of albuterol (i.e., 16 mg.d) or a placebo (i.e., lactose) with no crossover. Workout data were partitioned into 4 10-day periods that ran consecutively. Dependent strength variables included concentric total work, eccentric total work, concentric average power (CAP), and eccentric average power (EAP). Dependent variables were analyzed with 5 (time) x 2 (group) x 2 (gender) mixed factorial analyses of variance and the Tukey honestly significant difference test. Concentric total work, CAP, and EAP each demonstrated a time-group-gender (p < 0.05) interaction. Female REX-placebo subjects had the greatest percentage of unloaded knee extensor strength loss. However, female REX-albuterol subjects fared best throughout the 40-day period and incurred significant unloaded knee extensor strength gains. Differences in strength changes between male and female REX-albuterol subjects was likely due to the higher relative dosage administered to the latter, as body mass showed a gender (i.e., men > women) effect. Future research may elucidate the ideal dose-response relationship for REX-albuterol treatment for use aboard manned space flights and in other disuse models. Coaches and practitioners should carefully examine their sport-governing bodies' rules on albuterol administration and give the drug only if an athlete's health warrants such treatment.

    PMID: 18545194
    So this may be useful in times of injury or when one taking time off
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  2. From personal experience, albuterol does increase your strength for high intensity exercises (low rep, high weight, low set) exercises but you will get tired faster on these exercises (lowers your stamina), and it increases your endurance in low intensity exercises.

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