1-test cyp/4-ad cyp pinning scheme

  1. 1-test cyp/4-ad cyp pinning scheme

    It's lookin like 3 cc's per week of DS 1-t cyp (600mg) and 4 cc's weekly of DS 4-ad cyp (1200mg), whats the best way to split this up? Should I go MWF with 2 cc's on mf and 3 on wednesday? I'd like to only have to pin a couple times a week but 3.5cc's seems like too much at one time.

  2. I am doing just 5 cc a week of 4AD Cyp, and I am doing MWF and I like it. You could probably get it so you don't have to do 3cc one day, just do 2cc on M, 2,5 cc on W and F.


  3. If you want to do it 3x a week you can do 2.3 - 2.3 - 2.4 or if you wanna be a pin cushion you can do 1 cc ed. If you want to do strictly EOD (not 3 x a week) you can do 2cc. All of the options are/ or average out to 7 ml a week.
    sun - 2cc
    tue - 2cc
    thur - 2cc
    sat - 2cc
    mon - 2cc
    wed - 2cc
    fri - 2cc
    sun - 2cc

    I'm doing the same amount as you(just finishing the first week) and doing it 3 x week. I'm considering ED shots for a couple of reasons. One of the reasons I'm considering ed is that i'm using ST and the 4ad prop has a short half life.

  4. are you guys mixing the 4ad and 1t in the same shot to ease pain?

    Im going to be starting this cycle in a few weeks. I was thinking about going

    Monday-2.5cc Glute, 2.5cc quad. splitting half 4ad and 1 t each
    Thursday-2.5cc glute, 2.5 cc quad (opposite sides)

  5. i plan to do both in the same pin, yes. I'm thinking doing this..

    monday: 2.5 cc's (200mg 1-t, 450mg 4-ad)
    wednesday: 2 cc's (200mg 1-t, 300mg 4-ad)
    friday: 2.5 cc's (200mg 1-t, 450mg 4-ad)

    probably rotating as such:
    right glute, left glute, right quad, left quad, delts (split dosing)

    this should give me plenty of recovery between hitting the same injection site right?

    I'll figure this out at work tonight, since I pretty much just sit in a chair by the bathrooms for 7 hours (bar security)



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