Esto suspress nolva in disguise?

  1. Esto suspress nolva in disguise?

    The last threads i found on this topic were back in 2009 so im thinkin more info must be available now.
    Im wondering if esto supress from pharma labs is infact the pom serm tamoxifene citerate just re-labled cleverly or if infact people have got it wrong and the two are nothing alike , iknow pharma labs are abit dodgy but has anyone ever tried esto supress as a direct pct on its own?

    I know really you need the serm to make sure its no "hocus pocus" but realy and truthfully getting serms from dodgy internet sites in trial and error isnt really appealing - the latest certain pharmacies that are united, offer nolva at 2.99 a pop just seems questionable.

    Im gunna run a mild 30/60/60/60 - pro one/d plex cycle and wondering if esto supress is a REASONABLE ALTERNATIVE to a serm or ATD

    I know some ph junkies out there have the answers and i hope they can enlighten me

  2. bumpp

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