Cycle plz

  1. Cycle plz

    Hey guys

    Started a hdrol cycle about 4 days ago, 75/75/100/100/100/100
    I had cycle assist left over from my last cycle about a year ago.. I started taking it with the Hdrol and feeling very nauseous a few hours after, i was wondering what was up..

    My Cycle assist caps were solidified inside, must have turned into **** and were irritating my stomach causing nausea and...gas..

    Besides the fact i cant get a hold of any more for another week (by the time they are posted and arrive)
    Is there anything i can take besides milk thistle and multivitimans to keep this cycle safe?


  2. You'll be ok, it's just Hdrol. It shouldn't do any serious damage to go without supports for a week.

  3. you'll be fine if u don't use support supps all cycle

  4. youll be fine id get flamed for some of the **** ive done lol...if ur paranoid at all go to cvs or any local pharmacy and pick up some milk thistle

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