First Winstrol Cycle

  1. First Winstrol Cycle

    Hi all.

    Looking to do a cycle of Winstrol, or Stanozolol, and was just after some advice on how to go about it. As its my first cycle I was thinking four weeks of 30-40 mg a day and see where that gets me.

    I know it's toxicating on the liver so I've already started the milk thistle, but is there any other cycle assists I should consider? I don't need to worry about gynecomastia with Winstrol so is there a need for PCT?

    I also read quite a bit on doing it with a test. Is that just a testosterone booster, i.e would tribulus be acceptable if I didn't fancy anything too heavy?

    Any thoughts appreciated!

  2. There's is always a need for PCT because you need to help speed up the balancing of your hormones. If you don't know that PCT is required for all steroids you might want to hold off and do a bit more research. For liver support Liv.52 by Himalaya is a pretty great product and cheap.

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  3. google is your friend buddy. but in short - a test base isnt absolutely necessary with winny...if done right youll get the results youre looking for easy. PCT is a must...get a serm and dont start until you got it bc u never know if ur gonnna have to cut it short for any reason. Cycle Assist by competitive edge labs, use it. its cheap and has everything you need - also do five weeks maybe 6 if ur joints can handle it

  4. Also when someone says doing it with Test they mean an actual Test based steroid like Test E, Test Prop or Test Cyp. Tribulus isn't really going to do much of anything unless you are much older or just off a cycle. Good test boosters are BioForge v3, Reversitol or Activate Extreme but running a test booster is nothing like running a Test base. I hear a lot of people use Mentabolan as a "Test Base" alternative but I don't know much about it.

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  5. Yeah I've seen the competitive edge stuff, should be easy enough to get hands on. For PCT I'm thinking nolva at 20mg for 4 weeks, I'd like to think that would keep any gyno issues at bay.

    If Winstrol causes a bit of havoc on the joints would something like a glucosamine supplement help or should the cycle assist suffice?

    I'm 6"5 an tend to require quite a lot of calories to 'feed the machine' so would a dosage of 40mg of Winstrol per day be enough? I suppose if not I can always up it but I'm just err-ing on the side of caution. Can never know too much.

    Thanks for input so far!

  6. Up the dose to at least 50. From my experience Cissus is much better especially at high doses

  7. Unless your testicles were removed there is always a need for pct.

    Run Clomid or Nolva and you will be much happier after your cycle.
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  8. 50mg winny per day is good.....but you can run it up to 100mg per day depending on how you tolerate it (and depending on size, and you are large hence maybe a larger dosage). I've run it at 75-100mg per day with no problems at around 190-200 a standalone.....and of course stacked at other times....winny is good .....

  9. Okay I think I'm set on running a winstrol only cycle for now, just to see how much it cuts me up and how body reacts. I know test is best but finances are low and I've already got winstrol.

    I'm just curious about how much it destroys my body? I've got a bit more that 7 weeks till I head to Ibiza, so I'm just a bit wary if my body would just die after? I would run it at 50mg a day for 5-6 weeks if I was to do it, with milk thistle, multi vitamin and as many fish oils as I can get my hands on.

    I'd use nolva at 20mg's a day for PCT but that would be during the 4 days I'm away... It might be a silly question as common sense would lead me to think it would be pretty brutal if I start smashing 'the finer narcotics' straight after running a cycle, but again any insight would be appreciated!


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