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    Ok heres an article I was asked to write by a proessor at UofP. I thought I would post it here just as some more info.

    University of Pennsylvania
    Department of Bio Chemistry
    February 13, 2003
    Carl Graziano

    The 3 Most Promising ProHormones/ProSteroids Available

    Ok, so you al have heard of the ProHormones like andro, 4AD, 5AD, and 19nor. You have probably tried most of them and if you saw gains they were probably not what you were expecting. The most beneficial out of the ProHormones I have mentioned is 4AD, it is the only PH I would still reccomend you add to your stacks. I will briefly go over 4AD positive effects and dosing.
    4-AD is a precursor to the hormone Testosterone, just like all the above I have mentioned except for 19nor(19nortest precursor). It is available in many forms such as Oral capsule, transdermal, cyclodextrin, and liposomal delivery. The most common delivery system is in oral capsule form. It is a great PH for increases in sex drive, strength, and mass. It does have estrogen conversion which usually causes water retention in users. Doses of an oral capsule should range from the minimal 900mg a day to the moderate 1800mg a day. For topic sprays or creams 400mg a day is sufficient in my opinion. I feel it is a good PH when stacked alone but is best used in a combo stack. I would recommend either Ergopharms Androdiol Select 300 (if you are going to go with an oral) or BDC T-4 (or a homebrew transdermal)

    Now after that short article I will move on too the really exciting information I came to talk about today.

    The problem with most PH's is usually poor oral activity or poor conversion, this means you need to take extraordinary amounts to see moderate gains. Now I am sure if you visit any bodybuilding websites or get any magazines you have seen ads for 1-Testosterone Products or 1-AD or even a product that claims to be as good as the steroid Boldenone. You may want to learn more about these products from an unbiased source who has used many of these brands and is here to let you know the facts and the opinions so you may pick a product that is right for you and so that I can save you money. There are 3 products I will talk about. The first is 1,4-Androstadienedione, the second is 1-AD or 1-androsten-3beta,17beta-diol) and the last is 1-Testosterone.

    This relatively new ProHormone is a precursor to the popular steroid Boldenone. 1,4AD ( if I stand correct) was discovered by Jeff Summers of Impact Nutrition, or really Bill L. of Molecular Nutrition who I believe now owns the patents. This PH in my opinion is amazing, but before I get into my opinion and I start to ramble lets get into some technical terms so I can explain exactly what 1,4AD is.
    As I said 1,4AD is a precursor to the steroid Boldenone. It has realtively no aromatization to estrogen which means that most of the gains you see are going to be from actual muscle, not some excess water weight. 1,4AD has a double bond at the one-position which makes this product highly orally active. The only difference in 1,4AD and Boldenone is that Boldenone has a Hydrogen and Oxygen bond and 1,4AD has a double bonded Oxygen atom. Inside the body Boldenone becomes one of the best known and most popular oral steroids, Dianabol ( methandrostenolone ). Now, since 1,4AD has such a high conversion rate because of the double bond at the one position (Note: all conversion rates are estimates, no actual scientific studies have been done on any of these products) , taking relatively small amounts (400-600mg day) has the ability to show great gains in muscle mass, strength, and hardness. 1,4AD also stimulates the manufacture of red blood cells in the bone marrow, this allows strenuous activity to be carried on for longer periods of time without muscle fatigue. This can be very beneficial to Bodybuilders as well as endurance athletes.
    Now you are probably wondering where 1,4AD comes from. Right? Well even if you arenít I am going to tell you anyway. It comes from cow feces! Yes cow feces. Cows are given amounts of progesterone which in the bowls effectively produces 1,4AD. Now this may sound bad, but actually it is a good thing because if it didn't we would not be able to use this great PH. But since the dietary supplement act says that if a product is produced naturally in nature and has not been pursued as a prescription, it's legal ( well, not for long).
    My opinions: I love this product, I experienced great pumps while on it, increased hunger, and unbelievable hardness in my muscles ( I looked like I gained 15 pounds of muscle!).
    I took 600mg a day for 6 weeks and experienced great results alone, although I think it would be great with a 1-test product or another PH. I used 2 different brands and I would recommend only one of them , I used Molecular Nutritionís Boldione (Dione version) which I would recommend and I used SciFitís Andropoise (Diol version) . I loved the Boldione but for some reason (which I am not going to get into now) the diol version just didnít do much for me. I recommend the Molecular Nutrition Boldione. All in all I love this product.

    1-AD (1-androsten-3beta,17beta-diol)
    1-AD is another relatively new Pro-Hormone that just blew me away. 1-AD was created, or should I say discovered by Patrick Arnold the head of Ergopharm and the man who discovered Androstendione a few years back. The 2 great things about 1-AD is that 1.) It converts to a substance not too many people are familar with, 1-Testosterone 2.) It has unbelievable oral activity, probably unmatched by any other PH with the only exception being 1,4ad. Now once again let me get into a few specifics.
    The hormone 1-ad converts to is 1-Testosterone. A substance that is supposedly 7-times more anabolic than Testosterone, but this is very misconcieving because yes 1-test miligram for miligram is more anabolic than Testosterone but, 1-Test is degraded by the liver very rapidly. So basically what I am saying is that if 1-Test were to be injected ( Which I would not suggest as reports are that it is extremly irritating) it would be more Anabolic but since we use it in a oral form (or transdermal) it would take many, many milligrams of 1-test for this to be true.
    Now your thinking that 1-test is not so great, But really it is!
    The benefits of 1-test are that it is incapable or aromatizing to estrogen so this means that any gains that you receive will be without question almost 100% muscle. This results in smaller but leaner gains with increased muscle hardness and great pumps in the gym. Now your thinking why would I want smaller gains, well do you want a sloppy 20 pounds of water logged muscle that you will probably loose when you come off, or do you want a good 15 pounds of pure, ripped, muscle that you will keep when you come off your cycle? 1-Testosterone is less androgenic than DHT but is more active which results in increased aggression and a reduction in bodyfat with minimal negative side effects such as hair loss. 1-AD is one of the best orally active prohormones that I have ever seen with a conversion rate of about 30% (estimated). This is because it was specifically formulated to be converted in the liver rather than have the liver break it down.
    My opinions: I love this product and I think it would be great to take with 1,4AD. It is orally active which is a plus for any PH. I experienced great muscle gain while on this along with 900mgs of 4ad for 6 weeks. I did 300mgs the first week then 600mgs weeks 2-5 and then went down to 400mgs a day for the last week. I highly reccomend everyone stack this with 4AD as you will experience a loss in sex drive which the 4AD will help combat. I have used Ergopharms original 1-AD and have used IDS Androgen-1. LPJ research (Ergopharm) owns the patent to 1-AD so all 1-AD supplements such as IDS Androgen-1 get their 1-AD powder from the same place. Still make sure to go with a quality name to make sure you get the amount that is stated on the label.

    Well from the article above you should all know about 1-testosterone, well now 1-Test is available. You no longer need to use 1-AD, you can get straight 1-test in a number of different products and from a number of companies. However, remember that 1-test is broken down very rapidly by the liver, so the supplement companies have attached a ether which is hoped to bypass the liver and convert in the intestines. Even with the attached ether only about 14% of 1-Testosterone is actually left after the rest is destroyed. So this leaves about 14mg of 1-Test for every 100mg supplied. Some companies have used a new system of disovving the 1-Test in sesame oil and placing it in a gel cap which will then be absorbed by the lymphatic system. Many people report good gains with these products although I have only tried one brand, I don't feel they have lived up to all their hype ( I tried Molecularís 1-T). The best way to go in many peoples opinion is the transdermal route, many people report 150-250mg of transdermal 1-test gives good results. I tried 2 1-test products and was pleased with them all, but I feel better results can be obtained with a transdermal (which I am getting ready to try at this moment). I tried Molecularís 1-T ethergels @ 250mg a day, and I tried Nutrex 1-TU which I used 200mg a day. I would recommend stacking with 1,4AD , or transdermal 4ad to combat loss of libido and lethargy, and taking a 6-8 week cycle.

    Well, now after this legnthy article I hope I cleared some confusion and helped you pick the right products for you. As in all my articles, any products I endorse are because I feel they are the best, I am in no way payed or affiliated with any supplement company.
    I am always interested in hearing others opinions and would be happy to do articles for anyone else or boards. I will also do any reveiws for any supplements if requested. I hope some of this helped someone.
    -Carl Graziano

  2. Personally I would have put 4-AD instead of 1-AD, but that's just me

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

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