on cycle blood work, what should be expected...

  1. on cycle blood work, what should be expected...

    I've got my recent blood work posted in my ongoing log, but i wanted to post it here, so the newbs can see what kind of health condition they can expect, esp when running methylated steroids.

    now, this is just a basic blood lab, and does not include liver enzymes, but based of the cholesterol numbers, you can guess if they would be just as bad.


    so, some interesting info for y'all today. had some minor blood work done.

    got my chlesterol and fasting glucose tested.

    knowing im on cycle, i knew it was going to be bad, but it was for work, so i had to.

    and here is what it looks like...

    Total Cholesterol: 187 <-- less than, 200, okay, okay...

    HDL: 18 <--- uh, oh shiit. 60 or greater is optimal, less than 40 is high risk...so what am i, deadly? (i knew this was gonna be low though, i've been on supraphysiological dosages for a little over 4 weeks, of multiple compounds, including methylated ones.)

    Triglycerides: 64 <-- less than 150, abnormally less than 150 good thing? not so sure.

    LDL: 156<----- less than 100 would be good, bad would be 160, borderline, okay, i expected this.

    NON HDL: 169 <-- less than 30 obover ldl is okay.

    Total Cholesterol : HDL ratio- 10.3 : 1.... uh well, thats not good. should be about 4.4:1 or less.

    Fasting Glucose: 86 <--- less than 100, good. but, i hadn't eaten anything in over 12 hours, it'd be better for it to be like 80.

    Seated bp: 121/73

    supine bp (laying down): 114/64

    Standing bp: 115/69


    well, the lady was trying to be pleasent about it, like "uh, well, hdl is a little low" i was like hey, that aint a little low, thats like almost zero! dont sugar coat it with me,

    bp was normal, but d/t my systolic only going up slightly during standing bp reading (systolic should go up at least 8 points when normal), it seems my blood is a little thin, and she recomended more sleep and maybe adding more iron to my diet (but i know it's from the steroids).

    total bf (inside and out) came out to 14%, if i had just the outside done (from skinfold) it would of been lower.

    so i'll get all this re done again in 3 months.

    what is the cycle you ask?

    600mg of 4-androstenediol, & 600mg of boldione as the base of the cycle, 6 weeks.

    m1t was ran at 15-20mg for the first 3 weeks.

    methyl dienolone 16mg the last 3 weeks (starting 2nd week of that)

    the lesson in all this? I feel great, and look totally healthy, but inside, the methylated steroids are doing what they do.

  2. You didnt check your hormones?

    Otherwise, it looks fine considering your on cycle.

  3. why would i check my hormones? im on cycle right now, and they will be all f'ed up, esp since my nuts are the size of pistacio's.

    when im done with pct, i'll get everything checked to make sure im back to normal.

  4. Why would you check any of it by that logic.
    Why did you run the test in the first place?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    knowing im on cycle, i knew it was going to be bad, but it was for work, so i had to.
    Quote Originally Posted by brundel View Post
    Why would you check any of it by that logic.
    Why did you run the test in the first place?


  6. Ah for work.
    Did they at least pay for it?

  7. yea, it was free. a follow up in 3 months is free as well.

    but that is just basic stuff, i'll use the sticky info on blood work post pct.


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