Epistane day 2 dizzyness

  1. Epistane day 2 dizzyness

    I purchased a not well known epistane clone from my local supp shop to try out as my first ph. I planned to run this at 10/20/20/30 with torem as my pct.

    I noticed during my first dosing yesterdy that i got a little dizzy about 30 minutes after ingesting it and later that night I had trouble getting comfortable to sleep.

    Hopefully these symptoms just have to do with allergies and this damn crazy heat in TN right now , because if i'm already feeling side effects from one day of 10 mg I don't think this cycle would be smart for me.

    Support supps
    1000 mg Hawthorn Berry ed
    8 caps of Liver fix ed
    3g Fish oil ed

  2. I'm not being a dick but take the epistane you purchased and throw it away . Your not getting anything from it at that dosage . Start at 20 mg min then bump to 30 and if sides are not a issue finish up with 40 or 50.
    20/30/30/30/40/40 . Epistane kicks in for most around week 2-3. A 4 week cycle is a waste.
    "Strive to seize the initiative in all things"

  3. im on my 5th day of an epi cycle...first cycle ever and work on the railroad 12 hours a day in the heat....no dizziness or any sides for that matter...sounds like u bought some ****

  4. lol

    10 mg epi.. might as well call it a multi-vitamin

    problem is in your head or somewhere else

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