hi every one my name is ali and im from the uk also new to the forum.

i have been having alot of problems from weight gain to constipation and i have virtually no libido im only 21.

i have got blood work done and my doctor says everything is fine and i am stressed, i am not stressed and i blame my self for being really lazy and putting on a lot of weight has caused me hormonal problems can some one please have a look at these results, and tell me whats happening, i would really appreciate it thank you.

p.s i have not done any steroids or anything like that.

serum prolactin level (xaelx) - 570 mu/l
serum oestradiol (4465) - 97 pmol/L
serum testosterone (xe2dr) - 10.0 nmol/L

serum LH level - 1.8 u/l
serum follicle stimulating hormone - 2.3 u/L
serum tsh - 3.3 mu/L