TRIAZOLE Gyno sensitive - nolvadex (Tamoxifen) counter

  1. TRIAZOLE Gyno sensitive - nolvadex (Tamoxifen) counter

    Been onhere a while but decided to post today (since u guys actually DO help)

    Lets suppose we have a very sensitive person to gyno that has had surgery but somehow some came back over time, and Lets suppose some years after this person tries triazole to help with the situation (for whatever reason bad choice good choice he does) and also to help cutting and with his low libido.
    Now lets suppose this guy notices he has itchy or sensitive nipples again! wouldthis be signs of triazole helping or worsening the situation?
    Lets say this guy has nolvadex on hand... does he take it when and IF he notices these symptomos lets say 20 mg a day for a month 9which would possibly help with test production too (a little but studdies say its possible) would he STOP the triazole or take together then continue nolva for a while after ?

    please no go to doctor etc answers I m aware they exist and really lets say there is NO money for doctors bloodwork etc due to the crisis in Greece or something!!!! and lets say I need a few theoretical answers thanks

  2. Itchy nips is usually the precursor to Gyno. I'd begin nolva then taper off that and finish with triazole. But it may even be time to enlist the help of Letro...

  3. so lets say I cant find letro right now (but ill look) what nolva dose u reccomend? also wouldnt it be wise continuing with the trialole with nolva then continue nolva then taper off? I mean triazole itself is suposed to lower estro... if I stop may be worst (remember panicking on test back in the day and told by a popular forum to cut the test and take low nolva dose and that pretty much fked me up sue to higher estro test ratios

  4. A typical Nolva dosing is 20/20/10/10 (I don't know if you'd need a more aggressive dosage but this one seems to work) And yes I'd use the AI in conjunction with Nolva and taper off of it

  5. Maybe start at 40mg and then taper down
    Getting back into the swing of things

  6. this may sound as a weird question but could the nolva also cause gyno? since the AI is what is causing it if anything (taken no hormones for many years, had surgery years ago, some was still there apparently)

    also u mean
    Week 1: nolva20 (or 40 as other post says) + triazole
    week 2: nolva 20 + triazole
    week 3: nolva 10 + taper off triazole
    week 4: nolva only


  7. Wk1: 40 nolva + triazole
    Wk2: 20 nolva + triazole
    Wk3: 10 nolva + triazole
    Wk4: 10 nolva + triazole
    Wk5: End nolva and on taper off triazole until finished

  8. Yes nolva can cause Gyno called Rebound Gyno (which is why once Nolva is finished you keeps on triazole and taper off of that until the bottle is finished

  9. Lets say, you better stay away from the nolva and you get yourself Erase for an OTC route, or get exemestane wich can also raise testosterone, so lets say that if you have gyno, those AIs (pick one) erase or exemestane, will help and also raise testosterone without suppressing you... because lets say that nolvadex is better suited for PCT more than anything... but lets say i prefer clomid (for PCT)!


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