Finaflex 1-andro and BPS Dermacrine

  1. Finaflex 1-andro and BPS Dermacrine

    I plan on running this cycle for my first PH.

    I will dose it 4/4/5/6 and possible another week and a half of 6 if I have the money. I will use the Dermacrine every day. I am using the Dermacrine to try and prevent the lethargy and low libido.

    I am 22 175lb 11%bf 5 foot 11.
    I know I am young but I want to try a PH out.

    Any thoughts?

  2. pct?
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech
    Finaflex revolution black

  4. anyone?

  5. good reviews on 1-andro.....go for it!
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  6. i think you will like the addition of dermacrine, i am on trt and i definately get a boost of energy from it.

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  7. Looks good
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