help wiith the burn

  1. help wiith the burn

    hey i thing i need some help. Just started my first serious ph cycle. going transdermal with curt2go's transderm mix. placed 10gm of 1AD in 1st bottle, 4AD in 2nd bottle and 19nordiol in 3rd bottle. using 273 mg of 1AD, and 19nordiol 3 times a day (total dose of each is 819mg per day. using 378mg 4 times a day of 4AD. spraying thin layer on body and rubbing it in (back of legs, back of arms and sides of truck. alternating) My problem is the burn of my 1ad spray. is there anything to do to make it less. or do I just deal with it. I don't think it's the transdermal mix because the 19nordiol, and 4AD isn't that bad. anyone ever have this problem. any suggestions.
    thanks for any input,

  2. The only thing you can do is put it on more body parts. Sounds like you will have to do a little shaving to acheive this.. Its the only thing that will help....Talk to ya....

  3. hey curt,
    i did add small amount (1 dropper full) of orange fragrance that came with my transdermal supplies. thought this might make my girlfriend slightly happier. is it normal for the 1AD to burn. turns my skin red. also what do you think about the dosages i'm using. plan on 8 to 10 weeks. any suggestions on post cycle supplements.

  4. Not sure about the 1-ad making your burn. But i tthink it woudl since it upsets your stomach just like 1-test would. Just wondering why you are doing 1-ad and not 1-test? As far as the 8-10 weeks many people finds that gains subside substantially after 4 weeks so you might not want to run it that long..... But you are doing 4-ad so doing it that long may not be so bad.. The dosages are lots as far as the 4-ad and nor but not to sure about the 1-ad(can't remember the conversion rate to 1-test)... With the dosages of 4-ad and nor you will gains lots of water and get very bloated. Any particular reason you are spraying 3 times/day? Talk to ya..

  5. curt,
    sorry i did mean that i am using 1-test not 1AD. as far as the 3 and 4 time application, iwas just trying to keep levels up. thought it would be somewhere that PH only keep test levels up 3 to 4 hours after use. that is reason for spreading dosages out. now this is a pain in the ass because using 3 PH 2 at 3 x's a day and 1 at 4 times a day that is 10 applications through the day. listen to all suggestions.

  6. Ok cool. Well start by only spraying 2 times /day. Once in the morning and once more 12hrs later. The good thing about transdermals is that it is like time release method.. the 3-4 hrs is for oral distibution..... Also put them all on at once you can do that no problem. Mixing them will not do anythng bad.... Then you will cut your applications down.. 10 times/day.. Sorry man have to laugh.. That woudl suck.. Shave your chest and tops of your legs.. Don't hesitate just do it.. Then you can apply all at once and a good surface area so its not wet for 2 hrs.. hehehehe... Hope that helps.. Talk to ya.....

  7. Hey curt,
    Just wanted to say thanks for the instructions on how to make my own transdermal mix. man that was easy. plus i saved a lot. thanks again.


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