Need help with cycle

  1. Need help with cycle

    Age 23
    weight: 80 kg
    height 187 cm

    Please help me!


    34 ml of omnadren
    20 ml of trenbolone ene. ( slow )
    13 ml of Winstrol

    For PCT Im gonna use:

    Liquid Letro 30mL 2.5mg/mL
    20 mg x 30 pills of Nolvadex

    My question:
    Could come skilled players here give me some addvice how to build the cycle .... How much of what when? :P

    I was thinking of running a 10 weeks cycle and a 5 week PCT cycle..
    how much ml of what each week.. as ml not mg please


  2. Please give me some help ? I just want to do this as right and save as possible,
    would be very appricated !

  3. Use clomid instead of nolva it works better

  4. Need to not use nolva because he is using tren anyways.

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  5. Do you want us to lift the weights for you too?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    Do you want us to lift the weights for you too?
    Is there a porblem for you that I want some help using steroids?

    should I take omnadren with trenbolone from day 1 I start? when do I start with the winstrol ?

  7. this is not my first.

    1. - Oral-Turanabol
    2. - 10 ml of testo
    3. - 20 testo/deca
    4. - 20 ml test/tren
    5. - 20 ml test/tren/mastron and some oral winstrol

    The last cycle is 2 years from now, more or less. My goal is to get stronger but I am not planning to take another cycle after this is done. And hold as much gain as possible after PCT.

    omnadren is 3 testosteron mixed up in one as far as I know, Idk but 34 ml sounds enough to me Should I take it all?

    I could do more than 10 weeks, sure. But how should I split the dosages over how many weeks for best results?
    What would you do if you had to work with what I have of what you can call a "cycle" ?


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