anabolic growth kit bunk??

  1. anabolic growth kit bunk??

    just got anabolic growth kit.... opened it and the bottles are clear with no labels jst 4ad, 1andro, and decavol stickers to distinguish them.... is this normal i expected the bottles too look like the ones on the box

  2. No that's how they come.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by csa2179 View Post
    No that's how they come.
    Good you answered haha I have never bought them and I was like..."WTF kid got the wrong stuff shipped to him?" hahahaa
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  4. Yeah, I bought a couple dozen of there kits when they had a 50% off sale. I thought it was strange. They have a really good product

  5. hah thanks guys sorry for delay response, im just finishing up my cycle i ran it with halo extreme(which is some good stuff) and stano elite(which is crap imo) i have some good gains nice and lean getting compliments by the week so it has to be working..... i got my bench from 225 7 reps too 315 2 reps, my shoulder press went up 10 lbs from 80-90lb so ive had nice strength and size, i could log diet IYI, im going to be running phantom labs phreak in winter im not sure if i should run LMG with it what do you guys think, ima log that cycle btw



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