Syno Conversion - any suggestions

  1. Syno Conversion - any suggestions

    syno kit
    1. Put 5 carts in container
    2. add one bottle Heet(yellow bottle)
    3. wait till it is really clear
    4. suck it up
    5. 12oz water(distilled)
    6. put it in a glass container - mark
    7. put estrogen solubilizer into container
    8. wait till methanol evaporates to the mark on the container
    9. put estrogen solubilizer into container
    10. wait 1 hour
    11. filter through a coffer filter
    12. rinse with distilled water ALOT
    13. put powder onto pie plate(glass)
    14. let DRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I guess nobody wants to comment

  3. Quote Originally Posted by legaljuicer
    I guess nobody wants to comment
    All the info you need is on this site. read first sticky above.

    Use the search button, also.

  4. what else do you want to know? I wrote a step-by-step procedure for this sometime last year, although much more verbose

  5. I've had problems with the test base conversions, when I add the saturated NaOH solution, it turned my methanol solution yellow and got all clumpy.

    I am wondering if there is a revised version that will giver better results for test base?

    Another user was telling me that instead of the saturated solution to us a 1F solution,



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