Pre-Contest Epi Cycle

  1. Pre-Contest Epi Cycle

    So I just finished up a series of bodybuilding shows and men's physique shows (including a national level men's physique show). I did all the shows natty and did quite well, but at the national level I feel I lost out becuase I didn't have that extra "pop" to my muscles-- that little extra fullness and hardness. I want to trial-run a cycle of Epi leading into a show that's coming up to see how it changes my appearance on stage.

    I'm thinking something simple:

    Epi (20/30/30/30)
    Cycle Assist/Liver/Joint Support throughout

    Nolva 20/20/10/10
    DAA 3g/3/3/3
    Erase 0/0/1/3/3/2/1

    Not sure if I should keep creatine mono in. Thoughts??

  2. I would dose it higher and run it 6 weeks instead.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by cashinova87 View Post
    I would dose it higher and run it 6 weeks instead.
    Why? I won't get much out of what is outlined? I'm only about 140 pounds so I'm thinking that I'll be pretty sensitive to it.

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