I've been training naturally for the better part of 4-5 years and I've been on the fence for a while now regarding PHs in general. I had done a lot of research primarily putting together a Haladrol cycle but decided not to run it. Coming back to the PH thing, I'm thinking about skipping the Haladrol due to all of the mixed reviews I've been reading about and am leaning toward a DECA cycle as my first (if you have recommendations for another, I'm all ears).

Most of the information I've found suggests 2mg per lb of body weight & a medium cycle length of about 12 weeks. I'm 6'4" about 225 so I was going to run it at 400mg, paired with Test E (500mg?). Diet right now is roughly 3800 calories @ a 400C/400P/65F

Is there a sticky that I could have missed that lays it out a bit more clear regarding setting up a proper Deca cycle? Shot dosing, what works best as a PCT (Can I run the same PCT I was going to use with Haladrol)?

This was my Haladrol setup with PCT:

Pre-Load Life Support at indicated dosages

Life Support + H-Drol 50mg

Life Support + H-Drol 75mg

W7/8 (PCT):
Life Support/Nolvadex 25mg/Activate Extreme (or alt. test booster)

Life Support/Nolvadex 10mg/Activate Extreme (or alt. test booster)

Would I need a completely different PCT to run a Deca cycle?

Any input is much appreciated.