Erase Pro, AnaBeta, and DAA

  1. Erase Pro, AnaBeta, and DAA

    I'm thinking of trying a stack of Erase Pro, AnaBeta, and DAA (along with the other usual supps; creatine, protein, multi-vs, fish oil, beef liver, aminos, etc.)...

    I'm 6'3'' and roughly 230lbs (27yrs old). I'm pretty cut, well defined, but at my height, I want to 'look' bigger. I'm strong enough that I'm not worried about pushing a crap ton of weight around the gym....most of my workouts consist of 3-5 excercises for 2 muscle groups...each excercise consists of 3-5 sets of 8-12 reps (with a warm-up set and the occasional strip set thrown in for extra burn). I push hard, making those 8-12 reps burn. If I get to 12 and don't feel the burn, I stop...rack on the weight, rep out a few extra ones, and make note for future sets. I am EXTREMELY bored with my current job; so I usually spend about 1.5 hours in the gym at the beginning of my shift, focusing on muscular development. I come in for an additional hour towards the end of my shift for cardio and target training (traps, abbs, calves, etc.). I've been on a 3 day cycle: day 1= bi's/tri's, day 2= chest/back, day 3 = legs/shoulders. I know the body needs rest, but I am EXTREMELY bored, so I usually repeat the cycle all over again after day 3, usually a little lighter on one of the three days. Every now and again, I manage to convince myself to stay out of the gym for a day....but not often.... as in haven't taken a day off in about 3 months. It hasn't been the same 3 day cycle for 3 months; I've had a 5 day cycle that repeated itself, I've had a 6 day cycle that repeated itself, and I've altered between heavy sets/low reps and medium weight sets/higher reps to maintain the "cut" look.

    I haven't "plateau'd"...I continually see size increases in my arms, chest, shoulders, and legs.... and I'm curious to try and speed up those increases. I've dabbled in PHs, but I'm not interested in screwing up my liver over the long term... Will the combination of these three supplements help???? Side effects???? Additional supplements???? And I'm certain someone will have some advice about my workout regiment....I know it sounds crazy, but I really do see good results, and I really am EXTREMELY bored, and I get to lift at work....whenever I want...

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    wrong section- post in the supplement section, this is for PH's... though yes that stack should help you significantly

  3. I posted the same question in a couple different sections to see if I could get some different answers...thanks though, I appreciate the input.

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