Running 1-Test Cyp and Fina together?

  1. Running 1-Test Cyp and Fina together?

    Any point in your guys opinons? Buddy from the gym just ran 10 weeks of Test Enth 500mg pw, 1-t cyp 800mg pw and Fina at 75mg ED and swears bye it.... I'll give it to him, he looks awesome. If i did it i think i would run my cyp at a lower dose, more like 500mg pw... Good idea?

  2. Both have shut me down hard in the past... i would run some real test with it.

  3. It could be a good combo if you want to keep the fina dose that low. The effects are very similar, I think, but 1-T cyp is less toxic and suppressive than tren. I believe it might work pretty well with some test too.

  4. sounds good, should be a very dry cycle using tren and 1-test, just watch the joints.
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