L Rea's Article On Bodybuilding.com

  1. L Rea's Article On Bodybuilding.com

     here's the link to the article .
    <!-- BBCode auto-link start -->http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/author1.htm

    http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/author1.htm<!-- BBCode auto-link end -->

    he mentions things which are quite opposite to what we tend to believe . some of them are .
    1)heavy resistance training actually increases the concentration (number) of androgen/anabolic receptor-sites on trained muscle tissue .
    2)you can utilize specific protocols to induce growth in specific areas resulting in an alteration in shape .
    3) 8 week heavy weight training protocol they realized that the test subjects muscle fibers showed evidence of converting from type-I (slow twist) to type-II (fast twist) muscle fibers (how did this happen !!??) .
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  2. one of u mods please edit my post so that the link to the article is posted properly , i dont know how to do it . thanx .

  3. 1. possible in certain individuals to see this effect, in others it would be less pronounced

    2. BS. you can only grow a muscle. its shape is genetically predetermined. yes one can make two muscles in a group grow differently with different exercise selection (ie. i can target inner or outer quads), but one cannot do anything about having high calves or anything else like this.

    3. it is possible. i have also seen articles about the opposite effect. this is not to say that we can convert all slow twitch into fast or vice versa, just a small number. the human body is remarkably adaptable. how could this happen? don't forgat that every cell in the human body contains a copy of all the genetic material.

    cheers, pete

  4. pete , u read the article , he has a logical explanation and a study to quote .... kinda diff eh ?

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