Libido Issues with HCG and Estrogen (PLZ HELP!)

  1. Libido Issues with HCG and Estrogen (PLZ HELP!)

    Stats: 192lbs, 5'10" 24yrs old 10% BF

    Weeks 1-11 Test Cyp 285mg (1.15cc)(e4d)
    Weeks 1-4 Superdrol 20/30/30/30
    Weeks 4-12 HCG 250iu(e3d)
    Weeks 2-14 Arimidex 1mg (e3d)

    Weeks 12-16
    Torem 90/60/60/30 (ED)
    Exemestane 12.5mg/12.5mg/6mg/6mg (ED)
    D-Aspartic Acid 3g/3g/3g/3g (ED)

    Diet: 3100-3500 Calories 300g Protein/250g-300g Carbs/100g Fat

    This is my first cycle running with test. I am about half way through the cycle and I have a few questions hopefully you guys can clear up.

    1. As soon as I got off of Mdrol, I started with the HCG. When I did that my libido pretty much took a seat and I got a little nipple sensitivity.. No bumps really, just sensitivity. I cant get anything better than 50-70% erections and horrible orgasms. It's kind of embarrassing when you're in bed with a girl and she thinks it's her.. Anywho, I figured it was my estrogen spiking so I upped the Arimidex to 1mg EOD then to 1mg ED and I cant quiet find a good spot for it. As Ive been playing with dosages Ive had a few days with high libido but I cant seem to find the sweet spot.. Would you guys recommend I switch to Exemestane 12.5mg a day and see what happens (since it has a lower halflife and will be easier to find a good dose) ?

    2. I haven't lost any weight these 3 weeks off of Mdrol but I havent gained any either. I put 15lbs on in 4 weeks on superdrol and I've basically been sitting at the same weight even on 500mg of test. Is that normal? I am using Veyron Cyp, which I've read many good reviews and i bought it from a well known distributor so I don't doubt it's authenticity.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Honestly I have no experience with HCG and I refuse to ever run superdrol. I do know in legit test ur libido should be raging.

  3. Any other opinions on the matter?

  4. Quite a helpful board this is.

  5. What week are you in?

  6. Before I say anything what is Mdrol structure....what does the label say?

    Just an FYI for the future for you and everybody doing designer orals is very hard to control what they do because these compunds are strong and toxic. As a result it's hard to predict and control sides from user to user!
    From what I remember when they first came out these PHs are not pure steroids they must go through another step in the liver for the body to be able to use them thus being very liver and kidney toxic.

  7. your test is probably fone b/c you would lose that SD weight so quickly if you were on nothing(fake test) I would run some ai exemestane or arimidex and toy with the dose for bloat and high estrogen and find the sweet spot, People usually have awesome libido with test so i dunnno what to tell you about that. Maybe he gave you deca and said it was test lol jk
    Quote Originally Posted by prslespaul View Post
    Any other opinions on the matter?

  8. I'm on week 7. I am actually putting on weight still. It's a just super slow. I switched to 25mg of exemestane ed and going to ride with that for a week or so and see where I'm at. Thanks for the help.

  9. bro cut ur adex dosage in half. I promise you thats the problem. Not high estrogen, but lack of it

  10. Quote Originally Posted by figdaddy
    bro cut ur adex dosage in half. I promise you thats the problem. Not high estrogen, but lack of it
    ^^^^^^ this.......... I was gonna say something similar. It seems that your crushing your estrogen. And I would not worry about gaining more weight and just make sure you solidify the gains from mdrol. I was gonna recommend proviron but you in week 7-8 so I don't know if that'll be a good idea. Bump for more opinions!

  11. After running Aromasin for a few days now, nothing has improved. I am, however, up a few lbs now. I'm going to stop taking an AI for a few days and see what happens.


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