Pain management on cycle

  1. Pain management on cycle

    Hey guys, I think this is useful for anyone on cycle so I'm gonna share. In the event u get injured or have some kinda of pain that's debilitating, I wanna let u know there's a safer alternative than using opiates and pickling your liver. A more mild substance that's LEGALLY AVAILABLE, Is called Kratom. If anyone wants links I'd be happy to share good vendors. It's less stressful on the liver and relatively cheap

  2. Go on....

  3. i prefer opiates

  4. Really haven't had the need need for pain managment on cycle, I have been uncomfortably sore but you know what they say no pain no gain.

  5. has the best quality I've used so far. Anyway this stuff is indigenous to Thailand, and is actually illegal there now. It's got very mild opiate properties to it, with a low stim effect too. It really is a miracle plant. A lot of folks use this to detox off lortabs etc., and its actually been passed through legislation in a few states. It's similar to buying chems online for research, not for human consumption. Guys, I don't wanna hype this stuff up anymore but check it out. U can make tea out of it or swallow the crushed powder leaf whole, up to your preference. Just thought I'd share this great herbal **** with u guys



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