Switch to nolva?

  1. Switch to nolva?

    Hey just a quick question.

    So im on 600mg/wk of T400 blend and I started to notice gyno problems within the 2nd week... So I have been taking adex .50 EOD. I just started my dbol at 50mg per day and was wondering if I could switch from the adex to using the nolva? I really want to feel the full effect from the dbol and was thinking of stopping the adex and taking nolva... I have about 600mg of nolva on me im just not sure if it would be a good idea or not.... Any info will be helpfull

  2. Personal I would stick with the adex as it lowers estrogen nolva just block it from binding to the receptor google both and see what you think
    save the novla for PCT

    have the gyno side gone from using the adex?
    If so try keep your estrogen in check with the Adex

  3. Yea the adex deffinitly worked....I am also now on day 5 of dbol too and I think the gyno symptoms are completely gone...I was taking the adex .50mg eod but I havent taken it in about 4days to see if the symptoms would start back up...I was just wondering If it would be a good idea to just switch to nolva to maybe keep more gains and I kind of wanted to get the full effect of the dbol without the adex messing with it...

    Anyways I will just listen to your advice and stick with the adex.... Is taking .50mg Arimidex E3D too little or is that alright? I know I deffinitly need some in my system but im thinking .50 E3D would be perfect for me

  4. i use adex e2d but if you can control estrogen at e3d then yes i believe the half-life is 46 hours

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