Anabolic Nutrition DZ

  1. Anabolic Nutrition DZ

    So i have a bottle of DZ, which is 30mg superdrol and 30mg halodrol. The container isn't really named brand, it has Anabolic Nutrition on the top on fiery letters and just says "DZ". I got it from a reputable location, however, I'm curious how you'd run this stack. 30mg superdrol and 30g halodrol in the same damn pill....I'm going to be running a helladrol stack here in a week, but was just wondering how you would even cycle this? 60 mg of superdrol seems scary if u wanted to increase dosage. Thoughts? or flush?

  2. I think its a garbage product. Your not gettin the halo needed and the sd is to high to start out with .
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  3. I am also not seeing the reason to stack halo with superdrol now if halo was wet I would understand but stacking 2 dry methylated compounds seems a bit pointless.
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