25 yo
5 years lifting experience
Never done a PH Cycle
Goals: Cut down BF% drastically and lean muscle bulk up

Ok, so I've done countless hours of research on PHs. Not saying that I know EVERYTHING there is to know, but have a good idea.
Now, I know Epi&Trenavol are stackable given that Tren is non-methyl. I'm going to take epi for 4 weeks 20/30/30/40 along side
tren 90/90/90/90. I'll be running cycle assist CEL during with fish oil & taurine (preloading 2weeks prior with cycle assist as well).
Pct: Nolvadex: 20/20/10/10. What else should I run pct? I've read mixed things about taking a natty test booster some yes and some
nos. An AI? Kre aklyn? What will help me maintain my gains and help me return to normal? Is there a specific time of the day i should
take everything? (Epi, Tren, Cycle assist). I'm new to this stuff, no need for sarcasm etc. just lookin for some help.