Did you notice those guys with big muscles, lol

  1. Did you notice those guys with big muscles, lol

    *"""Did you notice those guys with big muscles at the gym or on the beach? The muscles may be from "just plain old fashioned hard work in the gym" or they could be from using anabolic steroids or performing enhancing drugs (PED). Those that use anabolic steroids or PEDs to build and repair muscle are doing damage to their testicles. These testosterone-based hormones are very bad for men who eventually want to have children. They actually work almost like a contraceptive. When a man is taking anabolic steroids, it is virtually impossible for him to get his partner pregnant."""
    Had to share this, this is the first paragraph of one of the most BS articles I've read in a long time, makes me want to laugh, PED, lol

  2. Lol I thought this was coming from you.. Was about to call you a dip**** for posting it on AM out of all places haha.
    Quote Originally Posted by Level9Germ
    Common bro why would u take d Bol just take plain steroids if ur gonna do it since first place

  3. To be honest if there was no such thing as pct I would agree.
    Quote Originally Posted by csa2179 View Post
    Pin the kittens with the tren, then attack the judges with the kittens, uppity bastards

  4. A guy who understands the way of fitness looks at a "jacked dude" and says wow good for him busting his ass and eating right...a chubby out of shape guy who has no idea of fitness or anything looks at a "jacked dude" and says yup he's a on roids...prob doesn't even lift...damn cheater....I personally was accused of steroids by my boss because I had a noticeable vein stick out of my
    Bicep....uneducated people should be thrown in the ocean
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Gerbil View Post
    To be honest if there was no such thing as pct I would agree.
    As PA has said repeatedly in the old days bodybuilders never even heard of a PCT and most recovered fine. A PCT is still a great idea esp. since Nolva in particular is so cheap but the effects of not doing a PCT are massively overblown.

  6. I for one would never go wit out pct, why risk it, but I had heard of guys not doing pct and getting there wife's pregnant, or getting girl knocked up while on cycle.
    And I agree howwedo107, eating right and training hard it key to a good looking body, with or with out gear. And dam I don't know how serious the accusation was about the vain in your bicep but that is just ridiculous. You should take it as a compliment though, I've seen some guys who I believe are natural look ten times better then the sloppy eating juicer,
    The article goes on warning parents who's kids play sports that their children will never have kids if they use.


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