thoughts on cycle test e tren e deca

  1. thoughts on cycle test e tren e deca

    ive been training for about 5 years and have done 2 previous cycles recently badly burnt my body and broke a few bones.. haven trainiend for 3 months starting back up now going to train natural for a while..
    then was thinking of doing a test e tren e and deca cycle

    test e 700mg per week 1-12
    deca 400mg per week 1-12
    tren e 500 mg per week weeks 4-10

    height 6"
    weight 88kg
    bf 10%
    thanks for any help and input

  2. I wouldn't stack 19nors, i'd drop the deca.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Stri8ed
    I wouldn't stack 19nors, i'd drop the deca.
    ^^^ this. Drop deca or tren. Unless you dont mind ridiculous progestin sides and no boners ever. I dont think you can safely take enough caber to combat both. If your bent on 3 substances pop some dbols or throw in some eq if you keep deca. At 8% you might consider tren and masteron with the test if your looking to harden up and shred
    I'm just a dude chasing a dream

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