Help me get rid of bloat from high dose HGH

  1. Unhappy Help me get rid of bloat from high dose HGH

    I'm 20 years old on prescription Somotropin. And I'm barely on my second week and I'm bloating like hell. My dose ranges from 9-10.5 IUs per day. What can I do to at least help reduce this bloating? I'm willing to try anything.

  2. Whyd ya doc prescribe hgh?
    If I'm correct.... That's a **** load of hgh.

  3. I was prescribed the hGH for my short stature and I'm still on it because my growth plates havnt quite closed completely. From age 14 till about 2 months ago I was on a dose that started at 9 IUs and as I got older increased to 13.2 IUs. I stopped it because I got Acromagely but my endocrinologist said I could keep taking it for another 6 months or so at a reduced dose and since I'm young any Acromagely should go away. I just want to take full advantage of this hGH at the gym before I am taken off of it. But I'm starting to bloat and I want to try to fix that

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