Beastdrol/stano cycle

  1. Beastdrol/stano cycle

    Was just looking for some input and to make sure I had everything pretty solid before my cycle. Still sticking with SD. As far as pct when should i start to take the test booster? I see some people wait a little bit after the cycle instead of an immediate start?

    cycle assist-preload 2 weeks for a total of 6 weeks
    Aegis Liver Protection-take for 4 weeks only? dose??
    Beastdrol 20/20/20/20- maybe 30 if body manages well
    stano200 600/600/800/800/1k/1k

    Diesel test pro
    clomid 50/50/25/25
    Endoamp max

  2. Anyone?

  3. Start the test booster from day 1 of pct, i'd up the clomid dose though and add an AI.

  4. thanks man will do, any idea of the dosing on aegis?

  5. Standard dose.

  6. Sounds good. Thanks for the help. Will up the dose of the clomid. AI would really be worth the money? I've read a lot on it and it pretty much seems like a fight that no one knows the for sure answer to right now. I guess I could throw a dose of erase in there?

  7. Yeah erase is perfect.


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