1st cycle advice - 1-T/4AD cyp +light dbol/winny

  1. 1st cycle advice - 1-T/4AD cyp +light dbol/winny

    hey guys. well, I think Its finally time to dabble in the darkside.

    Im thinking of doing a long but lightish cycle of....
    week 1-10 500mg/week 1-Tcyp
    week1-10 750mg / week 4ADcyp

    week 1-4 20mg ED oral dbol
    week 8-10 50mg ED oral winny

    week 1-10 250mg HCG 2xweek
    week 1-10 10/20mg nolva ED

    PCT with nolva something like
    week 11 60mg ED
    week 12 40mg ED
    week 13- 14 20mg ED

    im hoping to use the PH as a base ( I can up dosages a little but I think there probalby adequate) and get some expereince with D-bol and winnys sffects on me, most likely my next cycle will be fully darkside.

    what are your opinions? more 1-t? move the winny closer to teh dol ( hopeing it will aid in keeping the d-bol gains)

    im a tad excited at the prospect I admit. thanks chaps!

  2. i personally would up the 1-test to 700 and the 4ad to 1250

    if you can get dbol and winny why not use test enan instead of the 4ad?

  3. Personally I would bump the 1 test to 900 mg's, and the 4 AD to 1750. Otherwise you're not going to see much in the way of gains from them.

    You could also push the cycle to 12 weeks, and then run the winny from weeks 8-12. Since you already have HCG I would go this route.

    Since cyp is a longer ester your going to have to wait around 14 days for the hormones to clear your body before you start your pct. So if you stop week 10 then start your nolva pct in week 13.

    If you can get it test will be much more effective than the 4 AD, and much cheaper. But i'm guessing you've already stocked up on this stuff.

    Dosages of the dbol/winny look good.

  4. yeah 1-t and 4AD are hanging around, next time around prob. go with test

    I was orignaly doing 1g of 1-test and 1.5g of 4AD but thought Id scale down if im adding this stuff. I think I agree on lengthening the cycle. seems to make sense to let the cyp clear, I was wondering about that I must admit. should have looked closer.

    much appriciated

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