I am trying to get ready for an athletic fitness model competition 22 weeks from now, I am currently 6'2 225 pounds 15% Bf and 3 weeks into a test E cycle I have some t3 and clen on hand and am think about adding these to the mix to really get my body fat down and since I will be running a test base to not risk losing much of my muscle.

Also I will be running a tren ace/anavar/test prop cycle 10 weeks out of competition.
So my question is will that pre comp cycle be good enough or should I run the t3 and clen with my test for the rest of my cycle to ensure bf gets down... this is my first ever competition and have little time to prepare imo. Cant wait to hear you're thoughts. also any critiques will be appreciated.

looked up many pre comp diets and am unsure how to do it from 16 weeks out..

As of right now example meal plan
meal 1 - 2 whole eggs, 2 thin whole grain toast, cottage cheese, pro. shake
meal 2 - pro. shake, banana, o fat yogurt
meal 3 - lean meat, potato, mixed veggies
meal 4 -2 piece toast w/peanut butter, yogurt
meal 5 - casein protein shake,turkey
meal 6 - 10 mins before bed, cottage cheese

I was thinking of continuing of running this till about 16 weeks out then begin to cut sugar and lower fat in my diet. is this correct, tell me if I am wrong or if anything should be run differently?