Stims while on cycle.

  1. Stims while on cycle.

    What is your guys general consensus on taking stims while on Cycle? I've heard mixed feedback from several people whom I've spoken to. Some have said they were fine taking stims regularly like they had before, others have said they avoid it due to an already increased BP.

    Cycle is as follows
    15 weeks Test E @ 500mg/week
    6 weeks of Winny @ 50mg/day

    Nolva + HcG for PCT.

  2. While it is frequently frowned upon, it's not necessarily out of the question. You'd be best off closely monitoring you BP as it can be greatly affected. A cheap BP monitor can be picked up at any pharmacy or wal mart and is well worth the money for peace of mind and safety.

    As long as you remain in a healthy region, you should be fine using stims.

  3. I abuse them off and on cycle

  4. I took pre workout through out last cycle. Checked bp twice a week through out cycle and my bp was right where it should be every time. Now if u already have high bp before cycle then yes I would avoid. Other wise I would say from my experience and others u should be good to go.

  5. doesnt really change my bp. Going to the gym and lifting like a F****** MANIAC does!

  6. Thanks guys. My BP has always been fine, every physical or check up I've ever had has come back with completely normal.

    I usually take maximize intense(1,3 version) as my PWO, I'll play it by ear and see how that goes.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by tnubs View Post
    I abuse them off and on cycle

    I used to do some serious ish a while ago...100mg DMAA + 500mg caffeine + Who-knows-how-much beta alanine? Yes please, perfect pre-WO. Had some incredible gym sessions with that. Of course, feeling like I was a bit high and coming off of coke for the two to three hours after the gym, along with the eventual shakes...that wasn't so nice. Eventually cut out stims completely for about 2 weeks, slowly reintroduced them and kept them moderate. It just feels so great to abuse them...probably not any better for your body (more than likely worse), but damn if you don't feel like a ****ing badass maniac on them.

    Keep it moderate on cycle. Also, if you're worried about BP, don't forget about supplementing with Hawthorn Berry.
    Quote Originally Posted by LiamTaylor View Post
    I push myself to limits everyday i train tbh, visited my mum yesterday and she said i looked a bit bigger, she doesnt know about the steroids

  8. Fick yes, I down a redline with four caps of motivate. The only problem is u have to take a break every now and then cuz it stops working. Can some one explain why these dudes are huffing smelling salts before they lift ?


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