Thanks to many people on this forum I have gathered plenty of good information to start my next cycle, beastdrol. The only issue I have is that right now the beast is coming in the mail, but I am currently on a 1-andro cycle planned for four weeks. I was thinking if it so I'll be ok to continue the 1-andro until the beast comes then stack the beast with the 1-andro until it runs out, and continue to finishing the beast cycle, this way I would only have to run one PCT and potentially more gains. This is what it would look like, on cycle I will try to get cYcle assist

1-andro: 4 caps on the daily
Beast at 10/10/10/10/20
Liquid clomid:100/100/50/50
Titanium xl: as directed
Some l over cleanse I bought at vitamin world
Crating mono? Maybe (should I)