creatine during cycle?

  1. creatine during cycle?

    I been reading mixed reviews where some people take and some wait till end. on a katanadrol cycle should i take creating during cycle or wait till pct?

  2. it wont kill you during. but something to consider is your already processing the ph through liver and kindey so its minimal but there is extra stress. I'm cutting on my cycle so i'm saving it for after, but some people use it when they bulk to get that few extra lbs or even when they're cutting and will stop once they try to get rid of the water. some people say it helps with lethargy but i don't believe that. I know people who use it year round regardless. i know people that use it only for pct. i know people that dont even touch it. I'll let one of those guys who cares about rep power and answer every post to chime in an give you a legit answer though because I'm not an expert

  3. I would just save it for pct.

  4. My opinion is that using PH/AAS is doing plenty for your body in terms of gains and strength. I advise saving for pct as well and throwing everything in your natural arsenal at the pct period to maximize gain retention. No need in growing accustomed to it prior to pct. just my .02
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  5. sounds good. any recommendations? I was looking at the creatine from " need to build muscle" but is it over priced creatine?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by lostsoul
    sounds good. any recommendations? I was looking at the creatine from " need to build muscle" but is it over priced creatine?
    I'd use something from beast nutrition or some
    Form of creapure creatine. It's the best IMO. I plan on using MP creatine during my pct and the entirety of my off cycle length.
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  7. You can run creatine on cycle... Y not? Hydrate your muscles get more gains.
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  8. If you're just running Furuza (katana) I'm loosely assuming that you're cutting? If so, creatine might not be that wise of an option, as the appearance of your cut would be diminished by adding water bloat to your muscles.
    Creatine will help maintain the size made whilst on cycle and thus is generally reserved for PCT. Again, it's all up to what you prefer. Creatine in a non-stim format is recommended if it is to be taken while on cycle, as the addition of caffeine or stims can raise an already elevated cycle. Again, it's all preference, but be sure to monitor BP if you plan to take creatine with a stim in it on cycle.

    As for brand, I prefer to just use *** Creatine Monohydrate, as it's cost effective and you know exactly what you're getting, not some vague proprietary blend.

  9. yes keep the creatine going on cycle
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