Underdosed or fake

  1. Underdosed or fake

    For my second cycle I was running what was ment to be prop 100 at 500 mg a week pinning eod. After 5 weeks I decided to stop taking it because I had made no gains or even feel it kick it. Didn't no if it was fake or extremely underdosed but decided to take nolvadex at 40/40/20/20 anyway just to be safe. Only in my last week of pct now and my source is after gettin some legit gear so he's promised me and was just wondering how Long I should wait seein as I don't no weather the gear I was takin was actually fake or underdosed. All the help much appreciated cheers

  2. sounds like ummm. straight garbage product buddy

  3. Ya but how long do I wait to start my next cycle or do I jump straight on it, thanks for the reply man

  4. If u can go get your profile checked out If u have the cash. That's a for sure sign, but how long have u been off of the "gear_?

  5. Sometimes if the diet and training is off even on gear someone might look like they are doing nothing or have bad stuff. Im not saying your stuff might not have been bad just kinda throwing it out there.



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