Hi searched around and couldnt find much info on internet or on here.

started my first cycle of shredded mass today (saw its not that popular but we shall ignore that for now) and have a light tingling sensation in legs. Took first cap felt fine went to gym did tricep and trap workout. Rougly 6/7 hours later took second legs felt tired. After a few more hours tingling started. Could it be all in my mind is it the pro hormone doing its job?

Is it the caffeine it uses as a fat burner? drank loads of water 3/4 litres ate carbs and protein today.

Also been talking body shield took 2 in morning and one with second dose of PH.

Its not a painfull feeling kinda like been out to a club all night been dancing around and legs have that tired tingly feeling.

Any answers would be appreciated.