Help with my mdien cycle

  1. Help with my mdien cycle

    Hey guys.

    Right i'll be running mdien next week as a recomp, i have all the necessary bits in place.

    But come pct i'll be running nolva/daa plus whatever natty booster i have at hand.

    I also have 6 bromo and atd just in case i get any sides.

    Now my question is regarding pct.

    I have dexaprine, tt33 and dhea here, but i am in two minds as to when is best to use them.

    Am i right in thinking the dhea might hamper the dex/tt33 combo?

    I also take phosphatidyl serine daily as well.

    Any advice would be great.

  2. Why would you use dexaprine and tt33 in pct?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jbryand101b View Post
    Why would you use dexaprine and tt33 in pct?
    Not so much that, more im in two minds as to when would be best.

    My thinking was trying to preserve mass when in pct, but im unsure of any interactions.

    Im hoping, someone more knowledgeable than i could shed some light.

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