Halodrol while injured

  1. Halodrol while injured

    Hey everyone just had a quick question. I have been halodrol for exactly 40 days now, starting off at 50 mgs for the first week and now at 75mgs. Yesterday I started feeling joint pain deep inside my right shoulder since then it has gotten worse. It feels like a pinched nerve and if I move it certain ways the pain is excruciating. Halo has been making me strong as hell and i am lifting a lot heavier and have hit alot of personal bests but there wasnt am immediate injury or pop per se. It just gradually got worse. If I am trying to simulate a shoulder press with no weight I can't press up at all. If I take 5 to 7 days off from lifting to let it heal should I still continue to take the halodrol or should I not use it at all? I was planning on going up to 100mgs today and have 40 pills left which would make it last 10 more days. Any feedback much appreciated.

  2. Correction have been on it for 30 days not 40*

  3. Why not keep on the cycle and work things that don't hurt? IE: legs, calves, abs, or whatever else is applicable.

  4. Try loading up on some glucosamine/con and a ton of fish/flax oils. More healthy fats in the diet will help lube those joints. H drol did the same thing with my knee from the dry out effects. I also used a lot of anti inflammatories (with meals) to help. Just finish out the cycle and try not to stress it. Good luck!

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