IM a naturally big guy not fat but not lean ex football player i have gained about 30 pounds after a bad knee injury i just want to loose the weight which is mainly in the mid section and tone up the muscle i alreadii have i was told that var was the perfect thing it really?

  2. Yes it is a great cutting compound but expensive as hell. I would never run a cycle under 40mg and a common dose for bodybuilding purposes would be around 100mg. I would use it at a low bodyfat though.
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  3. Use clenbuterol or ECA stack to loose weight. Or diet and cardio.

  4. instead of using AAS have you tried dieting and doing it the natural you say you had a bad bad knee injury so you was unable to train hit a good clean diet and some cardio first then see where you end up in a month or so
    no point cycling if your diet isnt up to scratch

  5. Diet exercise first! Possibly the Clen route second, but I'd certainly get the first 2 before I'd go running some gear looking to loose the weight.
    If you're not training already a portion of fat is going to convert to muscle anyways..
    There are many avenues to achieve this goal and many opinions, but just do your homework first before diving into some gear unless that is your primary goal.....
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  6. Like these guys said, lose all you can naturally. You may not see the fat loss benefits from var at a high bf%. If you're overweight, it will come off fast with a semi decent diet and some cardio. If you do run the var, dose it 80-100 mg Ed for 8 weeks and at least use a transdermal test base if you don't inject bc the var will shut ya down some. Oh yea, and that's gonna clean your wallet out. Good luck

  7. Gettin jacked & being pretty ain't cheap..... Lol
    Gettin' Gear, Doin Work and Spittin' Knowledge!
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by tnubs View Post
    Use clenbuterol or ECA stack to loose weight. Or diet and cardio.
    I wouldnt use clen until your bodyfat is in the low teens or high single digits. Your body starts to adapt to clen fast so it would be a waste to run it when your bf is high. Diet and cardio is your best route to drop lbs and body fat. Change your training up ie: circuit training and high rep low weight. Var is a great steroid for noticeable strength gains, minimal sides, and not huge size gains. It is also mildly toxic when it comes to the liver but its very expensive for a cycle thats long enough and dosed high enough.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by str8jacked23 View Post
    Gettin jacked & being pretty ain't cheap..... Lol
    Bro you're not kidding lol

  10. Anavar yes or no?

    Just looked at your username comment

  11. you're fat. just go on a diet.


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