what to do with my prohormone pack?

  1. what to do with my prohormone pack?

    I am sorry to post such a "newbie" thread but i have looked in previous thread searching for the answers i was looking for so here goes.
    I have purchased a super combo pack from lion nutrition. this pack includes M1T([email protected]), 4ad powder, T-gel and Tamox(50ml). I am intending to run a 3-4 week cycle.
    I am going to run 5mg M1T ed for 1 week then depending on results and side-effects up it to 10mg ed. my first question is how much 4ad and T-gel should i take and how should i administer it?
    second question is how much Tamox should i take and should it be during and post or just post cycle and for how long after ive stopped taking the M1T?
    Last question is im going to take milkthistle and taurine as well what dosages do you guys recomend?
    Thanks guys i appreciate all replies.

  2. I'd say take the tamox post cycle only, unless your nippels do something funny, like start itching.

    You put the 4ad in the t-gel... the t gel does nothing on it's own. It's just a carrier for the powder.

    I'f say take 300mg transdermal 4ad ed, depending on how much you have and I'm guessing here, but I think you can shoot for 10g of 4ad in the t-gel.

    Someone will have to verify that for me.

  3. Whoreman, you may want to look into some liver support for your cycle as well. Search for Milk Thistle, NAC. Drink lots of water and NO BOOZE! seriously do not mix M1T and alcohol. You seem a little young to need such a cycle, but if you do do it I'd say stick with 5mg ED.

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