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Endurance athlete PLEASE HELP!!!

  1. Endurance athlete PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hello Everyone,

    I am 24, been lifting for about 10 years now, weigh 175lbs, 5'11, 8% fat. I've been browsing forums for few weeks straight trying to find an answer, but to no avail. I have a solid base in bb and powerlifting, wrestled competitively in college but never did much running.

    In about 2 month I have to do a 5k and complete it under 18 min. Right now I am at 20 min. Have been on intense training regiment (running 4 times week, intervals, long distance, sprints e.c.t. and lifting weights for endurance in between, light weight, many reps, short rest in between.

    I have been pretty much stuck at 20 mins for the past 4 months. Looking to do some performance enchancers. I need something that would increase endurance and stamina, with manageable side effects. I have looked into some of the cutting compounds/ stacks and here's what I found out:

    Winny - sounds like what a lot of competitive runners take, increases strenght and drive, but I've read about horror sotries about sides, especially for joints, cholesterol and liver (even injectable form). I also heard its a very dangerous compound by itself

    Equipose - heard great things about how it increases RBC content (but doesnt pretty much every steroid?) which helps with edurance. It also increases aggression, thickens blood, rarely has gyno cases, and makes you want to eat like a big - but overall a very mild steroid when it comes to the body. What is it stacked with?

    Masteron/Anavar - Strength+Lean Mass+pumps. (alongside test of course) - I read these are great cycles from cutting but how good are they for running/endurance? Also, im concerned i might gain some mass if i use test and that shouldnt be good for running

    Also, if I go winny or eq route, do i stack it with test as well?

    Which of the above options (or combination thereof) (or other options if I missed any) are best in order to significantly increase endurance/stamina. and possible put on a couple of pounds of pure lean mass.

    Testing and $ not an issue.
    I'd really appreciate some feedback.

  2. On my mobile so I can't give an extensive answer, but I play rugby and I'm about to run this cycle to build size and endurance
    1-16 test e @500 mg/week
    1-16 eq @ 600 mg/week
    1-6 tbol 50 mg every day
    2-16 arimidex .25 eod

    19-23 clomid @ 100/50/50/50

    If I had money id use Var instead of tbol but eq an test is a nice endurance athlete stack

  3. Here itis:

    EQ500mg a week. takes a while to kick in so start asap
    test 200mg a week

    too much test equal poor endurance. thats it. EQ=good race horse

  4. Quote Originally Posted by evodrag
    Here itis:

    EQ500mg a week. takes a while to kick in so start asap
    test 200mg a week

    too much test equal poor endurance. thats it. EQ=good race horse
    X2...this is probly your best option.

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