60mg dboll

  1. 60mg dboll

    Hi guys I'm running my second cyclef with dboll involved and just need little expert advice basicly I'm running 60mg ed split. And feeling fine no sides other than a litle back pump now and then but wen I'm training I'm pushing my self to the max were I litrely feel sick and have to stop but wanna keep going is this the dose or just the were iv pushed myself so much and is this a problem eny thing I should try or do

  2. Make sure you are drinking lots of water...Add some taurine to your diet to help with the back pumps...make sure you have some type of pct on hand....I would recommend running a much higher dose but I'm sure other will chime in

  3. Well I'm drinking about 4-6 litters aday ill get some taurine tday but alsio iv noticed wen I wake up in the morning I can't get out of bed I'm litrely shatterd and ake for a wile also cart face food for couple of hourse u think I should drop the dose to 40mg ed or power fru it and hopefully get better not worse

  4. Hydrate for sure, add electrolytes as opposed to straight water sometimes. You may consider altering your dose times...
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