Need dosage advice for alpha mass/bulk stack

  1. Hey guys this is my first post to the forum but I have been reading around a lot and have learned so much and everybody is awesome!
    I'm about to start my 3rd PH cycle, I'm running 2 bottles of Alpha mass and 1 bottle alpha bulk.
    I wanna do a 6 week cycle and I've had some ideas on how I want to dose it but I want to here what some more experienced members think.

  2. I suggest posting this up in the Supplement Company Forum for ForeRunner and letting one of the reps help you out.

    BigRig and Royd have been very helpful and you'll also find a few folks actually logging one. the other, or stacked to compare notes with.

    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.

  3. Alright thanks man I will move it

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