PCT & Aromasin/Exemestane advice requested

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    Question PCT & Aromasin/Exemestane

    How do you run Aromasin thru PCT?

    Nolva lowers IGF-1; this we know
    a. If it's not needed during cycle (with proper Aromasin dose), is it needed post?

    b. How is Aromasin run /(or discontinued) during PCT. Should it be included at the same dosage with a standard PCT?
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    Is Aromasin thru PCT?

    If so, how?

    Aromasin is the best, don't tell me none of you know.
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    I've heard of people using aromasin and clomid together for PCT, or clomid and Arimidex.. I'm not too familiar with Aromasin, all I know it's a strong aromatase-inhibitor and quite pricey..

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    Thank you!

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