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  1. Cyclodextrin 1-test

    Well, I was wondering if a cyclodextrined 1-test product would be a good substitute to using a transdermal. Unfortunately I am allergic to rubbing alcohol, so the use of trandermals is out of the question. The first time I used a transdermal I broke out in a rash all over my body, the second time I tried I broke out in a bad case of hives. Also, pinning a cypionate is also out of the question, being deployed and in the Army, I don't think they that would go over well if they caught me pinning an unknown substance (to them anyhow). So Is the bioavailability of 1-test cyclodextrined very good?

  2. yes bioavailability is excellent, but you have to take small doses at a time, as the surface area able to absorb it is rather small.

  3. You could use it in both nostrils and sublingually, and I think you would get 50mg of 1-test through each time. I haven't tried the 1-test, but it may not be the easiest thing as a nasal spray. Patrick Arnold apparently developed a burn-free version, so I don't know how bad the original was. Anyhow if you use it on a regular basis (if you can bother /manage it), and you could conceivably get 400mg of active through in a day. 3200mg of 1-test in a week would be a lot, actually it would be WAY too much, so tone it down accordingly. Bioavailability will be higher used intranasally because the hormone has no where else to go. Sublingually, some gets through and some you end up swallowing. -- I can't remember the exact figures (or whether there are exact figures), but you would have to just be consistent and modify how much you use according to the results.

    Frequent but small dosing approximates the effect of using long-lasting esters. The only difference is the nuissance of doing it. If you want to really stock up, buy 500g of cyclodextrins, and 55g of prohormones, and compound it yourself. If you did the standard 2:3 1-test:4-ad, that would be 22g 1-test + 33g 4-AD. Cost: $77 + $33 + $50 = $160, and it would last you a good number of cycles. That's a lot of membrane usage. 550g of cyclo-diol retail would cost you $440! And cyclo-1test isn't even available, as far as I know, but it would be even more expensive.

    Say you used this for four 4-week cycles ($10/week). You would be taking in 1375mg 1-test and 2063mg 4-AD weekly. If 50% of that gets through, you'll get pretty jacked, especially if you haven't done a lot of cycles before.

    Glad to be of help to a soldier.

  4. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. I think I will compund it myself, that is dramatically cheaper than buying it pre mixed. Thanks again.

  5. To compound it, take all of the stuff and dump it together in a bowl. Or separate it beforehand if you have a scale - hell, with that much you could be accurate enough using kitchen measuring spoons and cups! Mix it *thoroughly* with the flat end of a spoon. I mean crush it together. Use a mortar and pestal if you have one. Next, stick that bowl in a big ziplock. Stick a wet sponge or a bunch of paper towels under the bowl. Let it sit for half a week, stirring occasionally. Add water *not directly* if the sponge/towels dry. After it is compounded, it will have the consistency of toothpaste, give or take. You can probably use an oral syringe to figure out exactly how much of that goop you have, and distribute that into nasal containers. Add a known amount of water (distilled would be good). Keep track of how many pumps you use, and how many are available. That way you know what you're doing. Also, let us know how it goes when you get a chance.

    Don't forget to buy some nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate) powder from CustomNutritionWarehouse, a sponsor of this board. Use 1000mg over 4 weeks following your cycle. Mix your own, and it will cost you $10 per cycle/recovery instead of $30.

    Lastly, if you are paranoid or prone to gyno, then you could use 4OHT instead of 4-AD, but that would be $4.50/g instead of $1. So an extra $115! -- Probably better just to take some extra nolva. If you get gyno symptoms, 20-40mg/day.

  6. Why haven't cyclodextrins been utilized more often as a preworkout boost? They seem to work well on paper, I just havent seen much if any feedback on them. One guy wrote a review on 1fast praising cyclo diol (straight 4ad in the cyclodextrins) for intensity in the gym.

  7. People tried a cyclodextrin+5aa product. Some liked it. A 3aa product would work much better, but this wasn't available at the time. Then M5AA came out, which would be useless to mix with cyclodextrins, since it only becomes active (metabolizes) in the liver. Now there is MDHT, which will be unrivalled as a PWO booster. The reason other substances aren't used much for a boost, 4AD for instance is because only 25-50mg will get through in a single go, not enough for a huge boost. Nonetheless, as I've outlined above, it is a good method if you can't do TD or injections.

  8. I'm planning on doing a intranasal C1T cycle at some point.

  9. i can't imagine the burn, 1tcyp hurts like a mother****er about 3 days after the injection. the burn in your nostrils should be unrivaled if you don't get burn free.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Strateg0s
    People tried a cyclodextrin+5aa product. Some liked it. A 3aa product would work much better, but this wasn't available at the time.
    Not according to PA.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by ShadowJack
    Not according to PA.
    A link/quote/reference would be handy. I am willing to stand corrected.

  12. Wow, for a second after reading this thread I thought I was over at Avant Labs.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Strateg0s
    A link/quote/reference would be handy.
    You are making me have to work.

    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Arnold
    Yeah, a DHT precursor in a cyclo intranasal would be a good product. I am not interested in selling it, but would make it for Bill to sell if he were interested. I have the cyclo equipment pretty much idle
    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Arnold
    BTW, i would recommend the dione over the 3alpha for this. the dione probably crosses the blood brain barrier better and there is alot of 17beta HSD in the CNS.

    We can make the whole thing for Bill - label and nasal bottle and cyclo 5AA powder. I think this is probably the best use for a DHT precursor, as DHT is a CNS specific steroid after all and what better application than a CNS targeted delivery?
    From this thread on 1-T Ethergels . This thread is a classic BTW. Good stuff between Bill L. and PA, with Par getting in on the science end as well.

    FYI, LPJ actually manufactured the cyclo 5-AA-dione powder for Avant to put into IN-Rage, so PA knows a little about this.

  14. the sublingual cyclo 1T does not burn at all, but I've never used intranasal. Don't know if it helps ya.

  15. Well Shadowjack, thanks for looking that up. Good to know. It would have been obvious pretty soon after someone mixed themselves up a batch: "this **** doesn't work!" -- That problem has been averted.


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